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Our specialist, established, elite technical support team are ready to delight, empower and support your high performing teams globally.

Experience global coverage from our teams in Ireland, New Zealand, US and UK. 200 outstanding engineers operating on and offsite, native speakers in 10+ languages and ITIL accredited. Each helping to make sure your critical technologies always work.

Productive and happy

CSAT scores from 3 sample clients from Jan 2018

In all cases we focus on outperforming our competitors
Fast response. Fast resolution.

Consistent overachievement of KPI and SLA targets.

99.4% achievement of all KPI’s over the last 6 months.

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October 2017 to March 2018


John O’Sullivan founded Westbourne in Cork, Ireland in 1994 because a few companies he knew were being significantly hindered by weak technical support. John hired competent engineers and they set about delivering exactly what these companies needed; fast intelligent, complete technical support. Word got around and John and his team grew.


Engineers fix technical problems, not customer service people. Therefore from day 1, for our core team, we’ve hired talented, likeable engineers, who have a genuine passion for technical support. We then invest in teaching them exceptional customer service skills.


Detailed open communication solves technical problems faster. So your people can use any communication channel to engage with our people; email, phone, SMS, live chat, whatever suits at the time. Having native speakers in more than 10 languages also helps ensure nothing is lost in translation.


We believe in process. We operate best-in-class ticketing and queue management systems, we are ITIL, SDI and ISO accredited and operate from purpose-built, secure, resilient facilities. We also apply smart processes, systems and teaching to help reduce our clients’ overall support needs, continuously moving ourselves to higher value activities.

The value

A refreshingly different experience

Our purpose is to deliver a delightful experience for our clients, to increase productivity and to unlock a new competitive edge. Is it time for you to switch your technical support from bug bear to strategic advantage?
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