Enterprise Service Desk

Providing Technical Support to ensure critical technologies always work


200 engineers, operating on and off site, native speakers in 10+ languages, ITIL accredited

Remote 24/7/365 first point of contact IT Support Service

Using multiple levels of contact in over 10 languages. From calls to emails and SMS , we ensure our client’s problems are solved and taken care of in the most efficient and timely manner.

Phone Support using ticket assignments in ServiceNow

Westbourne will use your ticketing system to ensure excellent client satisfaction. We efficiently manage tickets, using our skilled engineers and advanced computing techniques to resolve issues.

Queries, issues or requests are reported to the ESD

Issues or requests made to us are reported to the Enterprise Service Desk. We ensure that no activity on our end will be detrimental to our clients  and that there is no downtime in productivity.

Incident Management and Request fulfilment activity

From the time incidents occur or technical faults emerge, Westbourne IT will follow our incident management protocols. These enable the right engineers and IT professionals to work on your tasks as soon as possible. 

Analyze PI incidents and where failures arise

In the event of a performance indicator failure, be they potential or a reality, each incident will be transferred to our IT operations centre. This will be done to analyse the PI incident and where failures arose.

Support conference and other events

We have experience of working in partnership with leading organisations to provide IT support for conferences and events. Including set up and take down services.

Productive and happy




CSAT scores from 3 sample clients from Jan 2018

In all cases we focus on outperforming our competitors


Comprehensive Suite of IT Technical Solutions

We’ve Got I.T. Covered

Whether you want to maximise your operational uptime or you just want more for less, Westbourne is your top choice as an ESD partner.

We offer a comprehensive suite of technical solutions which can be accessed either as standalone services or as a suite of integrated services.

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Enterprise services have everything to do with IT services and Westbourne understands this crucial interdependence between IT and non-IT enterprise services. Several enterprise services do not rely on IT service and support. Examples include;

  • SOPs
  • Process Flows
  • Incident, problem and service requests management
  • Knowledge management
  • Self-service applications
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Metrics and reporting

Westbourne provides a range of technical solutions that help clients provide services for both their internal clients and external clients.

Our team of 200 engineers spread out across Ireland, New Zealand, USA and the UK provide round the clock outstanding customer services over various platforms. Wherever you are or wherever your customers are located, Westbourne will speak to your clients and your users in their native language to keep your technology up and running.


Onsite Services

Westbourne has a truly global reach and therefore, we have the technical resources to provide comprehensive onsite support for onsite incidents. Others include:

  • Service and maintenance requests
  • Desk-side support
  • Customer advocacy
  • Proactive checks
  • Telephony
  • Visual device support

With our unique approach, our clients can customise a sourcing strategy that works for them, thanks to our flexibility and agility that allows us to support a company’s field service requirements.

Lab Computer Services

Westbourne’s expertise lies in the heart of the intersection of technology, science, and regulatory compliance. We have a deep understanding of the challenges that our clients constantly face with their instruments and information systems within their labs. Our LIS team, which has vast experience in providing Technical Support Services, helps our clients meet every challenge.

We support our clients’ Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing operations by employing techniques in qualification and validation to deliver facilities, computerized systems, and other equipment. Since we understand the industry, our clients constantly rely on us for solutions that are well-suited for their end-users and that deliver efficiency and promote regulatory compliance.

We are Trusted

In 1994, John O’Sullivan realized that a lot of companies in Ireland were facing significant challenges as far as technical support was concerned. He founded Westbourne as a solution by hiring competent engineers who set about delivering exactly what those companies need at the time; a fast, intelligent, and complete technical support solution.

The organization’s reputation grew phenomenally, and word got around fast. Today, our technical team is always on the edge of its seat, ready to delight, empower, and offer critical support for your high performing teams all over the world.

Westbourne guarantees a consistent and fast response and a fast resolution of service requests. We have had a consistent 94% achievement of all our KPIs over the past 6 months alone and we continue to push those performance numbers month by month.

Real Technical People

Unlike many service organizations, Westbourne is keen on providing an actual technical solution. We understand that engineers fix technical problems and not customer service representatives. All our team members are trained to kickstart the process of fixing all your technical problems from initial contact right through the very end.

Right from the first days of Westbourne’s existence, our team has always consisted of talented, likeable engineers who have a burning passion for technical support and engineering excellence. Therefore, top class engineering DNA runs through our entire team.

Our channels never have to worry about which communication channels to use. We use any communication channels to engage with our clients all over the world. Whether it is email, phone, SMS, Live Chat, or whatever suits our client at any given time, there will always be someone on the other end of the line to kick-start immediate action on your query.

Detailed open communication is crucial to getting to the bottom of all technical problems. Our native speakers who can comfortably handle more than 10 languages will ensure nothing is lost in translation.

Process Driven

At Westbourne, we firmly believe in the process. Therefore, we apply some of the smartest processes, systems and learning which helps reduce our client’s overall support needs. By so doing, we are constantly freeing ourselves for other higher value activities.

We also transfer these benefits to our clients by offering some of the best-in-class ticketing and queue management systems in the world. Our purpose-built facilities are secure and resilient and have received accreditation from ITIL, SDI and SDO.

At Westbourne, we understand that the IT landscape has gone through a period of rapid transformation. Therefore, it has never been more crucial to understand and to identify with your clients or end users no matter where they are in the world when they need assistance.

We place a lot of emphasis on delivering technical solutions that align with our client’s needs, their culture, their expectations, and great end-user experiences. Westbourne is constantly evaluating its processes for opportunities for improvements. We are constantly innovating and evolving in line with new and more efficient technologies.

Our intuitive approach to technical support means that we are perpetually looking for new technical support opportunities. This would not only help reduce the burdens on our clients’ IT resources but also help to lower their costs as they move towards scalability.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

While the catchphrase “better, faster, cheaper” might seem like a cliché when describing the continuous improvement of service delivery, Westbourne continues to show the value and truth in the phrase. The three main dimensions of competition (cost, quality and cycle times) lie in that very phrase.

To gain a competitive edge, organizations must demonstrate competency and measurable benefits in one or all of those three dimensions. At Westbourne, we focus on delivering great CVPs for our clients by guaranteeing:

          Strong troubleshoot skills

          A strong customer satisfaction focus

          An excellent CSat track-record

Many of our clients operate in cut-throat and volatile industries and they consistently demand more for less from Westbourne. Their demands include, and are not limited to, cost efficiency gains, global process standardization, and continuous service innovation to improve the quality of their own services.

In response to such challenges and customer demands, Westbourne continually develops solutions such as Integrated Service Desk solution that covers all our client’s IT requirements on a global, 24/7 basis. Our solutions use technology to enhance Data integrity and Compliance, creating a unified and simplified IT department which can respond to any IT issue

Our solutions consistently guarantee a reduction of the number or amount of on-site resources usually required to respond to IT issues or service query issues. This also reduces the organization’s dependency on direct IT support from vendors, including far less downtime and minimal service disruptions.

All our clients now enjoy the benefits of integrated IT support solutions, not least of which is the option to merge various functions into one support contract. With a joined-up that costs far much less than a multi-vendor arrangement, our clients enjoy greater uptime because all the service elements are coordinated by a service delivery manager.

It only takes a single phone call from anywhere within the organization and Westbourne’s support desk will immediately know the next series of steps to solve or escalate the issue to the team of engineers who are constantly on standby. Our support desk is always at hand to determine the shortest path to resolution, which may include dispatching an engineer to the site at once.

Westbourne exists to consistently deliver increased productivity for our clients and to help them unlock new competitive advantages in their respective industries. We consistently deliver improvements in;

o          Productivity

o          Competitiveness

o          Overall motivation

Our technical solutions also help our clients to cut down;

o          Waste

o          Disruptions

o          Overall costs.


The time has come for you to switch to Westbourne and shift your technical support from bugbear to strategic advantage.

With our professional and long-lasting commitment to the technical support of major industries from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage production, you can see our commitment has never wavered. We strive to be at the forefront of our industry and take the headache of IT away from you so you can focus on other aspects of your industry.


We will reduce costs, boost productivity, provide support to your employees and customers and ensure an overall better working environment.

Let us take care of the jobs you cannot do and we will provide the service that you came for.[/expand]


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