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Microsoft 365 – Why It’s Better

by | 29 Jun, 2023

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s productivity platform. It was formerly known as Microsoft Office 365 and features some of the most commonly used business apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Why is Microsoft 365 better than the alternatives and what are the benefits for companies in the pharmaceutical industry?

Microsoft 365 has evolved to become a collaboration and productivity platform, connecting not just information, but people. It runs on devices that are typically used in pharmaceutical businesses, including PCs, phones, and tablets, and it facilitates access from anywhere functionality.

Here are the main benefits of Microsoft 365 for pharmaceutical companies.




Microsoft 365 features Microsoft’s enterprise-level security features and protocols, including two-factor authentication, threat identification and elimination, and granular levels of access control. In the pharmaceutical industry, Microsoft’s security features are important for protecting valuable Intellectual Property and private patient data. Security is also essential for GAMP 5 compliance.


Access MS Apps from Anywhere


Microsoft 365 is cloud-powered, enabling files and information to be accessed from anywhere. Combined with the security features of the platform, access from anywhere capabilities open up a range of new possibilities for companies in the pharmaceutical sector. This is because data can be accessed just as safely by authorised users outside a pharmaceutical facility as inside, creating new opportunities for collaboration and improving productivity.


Enhances Communication and Collaboration


Microsoft 365 enhances communication in pharmaceutical businesses in a range of different ways. For example, Teams enables virtual meetings, instant messaging, and document sharing. Apps like Word and Excel also help improve communication and collaboration by, for example, enabling document co-authoring, while SharePoint makes it easy for information to flow throughout the business.


Predictable and Controlled Spend


Microsoft 365 uses a subscription model, so you only pay for what you need, controlling your costs.  The subscription pricing model also makes it easy to scale Microsoft 365 as required. It is beneficial to partner with an experienced IT services company to ensure you have the correct level of licensing for Microsoft 365.


Automatic Access to Updates


Traditionally, productivity applications were purchased as a license. When you bought a license, you owned that version and that version only. The only way to access new versions was to buy another license. With Microsoft 365, however, you have instant access to all updates that are released.


Enhances Business Continuity


Microsoft 365 can enhance business continuity planning as all data, including emails and files, is stored in the cloud. Whatever happens to devices, operations can continue largely as normal as your data is kept safe.


Familiar and Integrated


Many of the apps that are part of Microsoft 365, such as Word and Outlook, are very familiar to many people working in the pharmaceutical industry. Even people entering the industry are likely to have been exposed to these apps and tools when in university. This familiarity reduces the learning curve, improves productivity, and enhances confidence among users.

Furthermore, all the apps and tools in Microsoft 365 work together seamlessly, making it easier and more efficient to complete a range of tasks.


Microsoft Support Tailored for the Pharmaceutical Industry


There are contradicting realities that apply to Microsoft 365 that can limit the potential of the platform in your organisation, as well as ROI. Firstly, Microsoft 365 is hugely feature rich with a wide range of tools, capabilities, and configuration options. As a result, the possibilities are almost endless. This is an advantage but it can also be a disadvantage if you don’t have the internal capacity or expertise to fully optimise Microsoft 365 for your business.

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