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A peep inside one of our Onsite Managed Services

Westbourne IT Global Services provides outsourcing services for a multitude of Multinational, National and Local clients. This week we decided to open the doors and give you all a sneak peep inside the inner workings of one of the contracts we have with a large well-known global company. Due to confidentiality agreement the client will remain anonymous throughout this article.

Services Westbourne provides for this customer

Westbourne provides a team of 8 engineers and a team lead who perform multitude of services for this client.

  • Service Desk
  • Level 2 Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Level 3 Support

We have provided these services to the client since 2013.

Why the company decided to outsource this department

The client’s internal IT department needed to focus on issues such as infrastructure and development and decided to outsource the support portion of their day to day which freed up a large portion of their internal resources.

Why the company chose Westbourne IT solutions over other competitors

Westbourne were competitively priced, had a strong existing knowledge of their systems and also had the structure in place to support the team. Westbourne fully understood the Company and it’s ethos.

Successful Partnership

Westbourne have successfully integrated within the customers’ site and have provided over the past 3 years a high standard from Engineers to customer Service.