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An Overview of Waters Empower Training for Pharmaceutical Companies

by | 19 Oct, 2023

There is a range of options available to pharmaceutical companies when it comes to training on Waters Empower software applications, particularly the Empower Chromatography Data System (CDS) platform. Training on Empower CDS can be delivered in multiple formats with different price points, outcomes, and learner experiences. Out of all the options that are available, the benefits of bespoke and facilitated training are compelling.

Examples of the outcomes and goals that can be achieved with bespoke and facilitated training include:

  • Expanding your use of the Empower CDS platform, including automating and/or digitising additional pharma lab processes.
  • Enhancing the confidence of laboratory staff in using Empower CDS, improving productivity in the process.
  • Eliminating errors.
  • Getting new staff up to speed on the Empower CDS platform.
  • Upskilling staff to a higher level of Empower CDS proficiency.

As a certified Waters Empower training provider, we have experience helping pharmaceutical companies achieve all the above outcomes and goals with our bespoke and facilitated training offering. Find out more in our training shop.

What do we mean by bespoke and facilitated? Let’s look at what both options entail and why they are important.


What is Bespoke Empower CDS Training?


Bespoke Empower CDS training is fully customised to your laboratory operations and how you need to use this powerful, industry-leading software application. The training covers the relevant features and functionality of Empower, but the focus is on how your lab needs to use those features and functions.

In other words, the bespoke Empower CDS training that we provide at Westbourne IT directly addresses the specific challenges, objectives, and needs of your laboratory and wider business operations. Bespoke training focuses on the skills and knowledge that matter most in your business, delivering fast and tangible real-world benefits.


What is Facilitated Waters Empower Training?


Facilitated training is instructor-led, with an expert in Waters Empower CDS from Westbourne IT guiding your team through the training using a range of tools and digital media. Facilitated training can take place at your premises but it is equally as effective if carried out remotely using Microsoft Teams or similar technologies.


The Advantages of Bespoke and Facilitated Waters Empower Training


Skills Advantages


  • The training will be focused on employee and operational performance gaps.
  • Customised for the learners participating in the training, including their current knowledge and responsibilities.
  • The training features open, two-way dialogue to enhance and deepen learning and core principle understanding.
  • The trainer can adapt during the session according to specific requirements, such as level of knowledge or speed of learning.
  • The training will be interactive and engaging, enhancing the learner experience and improving outcomes.
  • Your team will receive a consistent learning experience. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple laboratories/locations.
  • The entire focus of the training, from planning to delivery to post-training support, will be on achieving the results you want to achieve.


Training and Operational Advantages


  • The training can incorporate new processes and procedures to enhance laboratory operations.
  • Gives you greater control over the direction and makeup of the training.
  • While the main training is instructor-led, reference and refresher material is also provided, including video recordings of the training.
  • The training will take place in a focused and distraction-free environment.
  • With proper planning, efficient course design, and location flexibility, the training will have minimal impact on laboratory operations.
  • As the training will only focus on areas of need, it will be time efficient. In other words, your team will not waste time going through elements they already know or have no use for.
  • You can expect higher ROI based on metrics such as improved productivity, enhanced efficiency, and fewer errors.


Bespoke and Facilitated Waters Empower Training at Westbourne IT


At Westbourne IT, we have extensive experience providing Waters Empower training to laboratory staff in pharmaceutical companies with facilities in Ireland. We work with large companies and small, and we have an expert team of trainers who can upskill your employees in this critical software application. Plus, our Empower training is fully bespoke, so we’ll work with you to understand your needs before developing and implementing the training. Get in touch with us today to find out more.