Empower CDS Support


Westbourne IT has the expertise to transform the chromatography data process in your laboratory.

Increased Productivity

  • Connectivity resolution
  • Training
  • Replacement of manual calculations
  • Customized data processing
  • Customized reporting
  • Creation and maintain of data master projects

Reduced Downtime

  • Instrument connectivity resolution
  • Support for Chromatography Systems
  • Vendor liaison to ensure smooth IQ/OQ and PM
  • Creation of new data projects as required

Increased automation

  • Steamline data processing work flow
  • Create and optimize all methods utilized 
  • Create customised reports to replace manual calculations
  • Implementation and validation of interfaces to other e-systems e.g. LIMS
  • Implementation of electronic signatures

Audit Readiness

  • Periodic Review of Chromatography
  • Regular review of user account and associated privileges
  • Data Project maintenance and review
  • Regular system audit trail review
  • Document updates to ensure best practices for purposes of data integrity

Cost Savings

  • Remove manual transcription steps, replace with customized and validated calculations
  • Ensures easy data retrieval and comparison
  • Remove manual steps to transcribe data to LIMS
  • Optimized processing methods to reduce processing times
  • Increased adherence to test and release schedules

Paperless Lab

  • LES to Empower to replace worksheets or lab notebooks
  • LIMS interface with Empower to replace manual transcription of results
  • Removal of calculation spreadsheets
  • Training for end users to review data in source system as per regulatory expectations
  • Training for end users to review data in source system as per regulatory expectations

Westbourne IT Lab Systems Support

We can mitigate the risks of:
  • Unacceptable downtime from chromatography data system
  • Inadequate user training in chromatography data system
  • Time consuming manual calculations processes
  • Manual transcription of data from chromatography data system
  • Unused capability or functionality in chromatography data system
  • Data integrity issues related to the chromatography data system
  • Resultant lack of adherence to testing and release schedules

Chromatography Data Systems

Chromatography System Support

Westbourne IT provides leadership and support to the quality control laboratory in maximizing the productivity, automation and compliance benefits of the chosen chromatography data system

We offer leadership and support our life sciences clients journey to a paperless lab environment by leveraging the wide range of capabilities and functionality, including system interface, of the chromatography data system of choice.


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