Lab Audits and Gap Assessments

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Lab Audit and Gap Assessment

IT Audit is an examination of the controls within an information technology infrastructure. These involves the process of collecting and evaluating organisation’s information systems, practices, policies and operations. Collated evidence will confirm the compliance level of an organisation’s systems assets, data integrity and operations to achieve organisation goals.

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Depending on your requirements and needs, our experts will request your IT Administrators/Managers a series of questions through a questionnaire survey to assess your compliance level.

The assessment process will help us examine:
• Evaluation of IT controls
• IT Policy/Procedure
• IT GAP assessment
• IT Audit and Security
• Generic IT Infrastructure Audit
• Lab IT Infrastructure Audit
• IT Risk Management
• Third party Standard compliance audit
• Lab IT SOP and Policy development

Our team uses the standard regulatory process of ISO27001 (Security), GAMP5 and 21 CFR Part 11 to perform our audit processes. We follow a structured and clear framework to provide the best independent assessment of your compliance level.

Implementation methodology

We provide risk-based IT audit in compliance with regulatory standard such as ISO/IEC 27000 as recommended by Institute of Auditors in UK and Ireland.

Our Audit Process Phases includes:
• Defining the scope
• Planning – Identify and assess infrastructure
• Execution
• Reporting



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