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Ransomware – The Facts


Ransomware is a piece of malicious software that encrypts users data and demands payment in return for the decryption key. It is able to evade detection by normal anti-virus products and for this reason is a real threat to your business.

How does the infection take place?

  1. An e-mail is received by the user, which contains a malicious link or an attachment. The infection may also originate from a malicious website.
  2. When the link is followed or the attachment is opened, a downloader is placed on the users system.
  3. The downloader then downloads the ransomware program on the system.
  4. The ransomware starts to encrypt the entire hard disk content. If a network drive is mapped to the computer it will also encrypt this also.
  5. A warning similar to the one below is displayed on the screen with instructions on how to pay for the decryption key.


What do i do if i become infected???

Shut the infected machine down and contact your IT department immediately!!!


How to protect yourself from Ransomware

  • Do not keep all your data on your local hardrive only. Make sure all important data is backed up
  • Do not open attachment you were not expecting especially from unknown senders
  • Do not click on links in emails from unknown senders
  • Keep your Operating Systems and software up to date with the latest security patches
  • Contact your IT department immediately if you receive a suspicious email