Providing Laboratory Hardware Engineers


Westbourne is committed to to providing Lab instrumentation support including , validation, calibration and administration.


Instrumentation Support

Instrumentation and Lab IT administration
Every technology element in a commercial Lab can be come under banner of an instrumentation engineer.
• Instrumentation engineers can be normally responsible for
• New major instrument qualification
• Complete purchase requisitions for the acquisition of new instruments/systems
• Obtain Instrument service contracts, coordinate repairs and routine maintenance, and host vendors on-site
• Create electronic instrument logbooks for analysts to capture instrument use
• Help troubleshoot issues for end users when problems arise

• Acquire and verify calibration standards required for routine instrumentation calibration
• Work with Service Engineers and compile routine PM/Calibration reports to ensure optimum system performance
• Update and maintain electronic instrument management systems to accurately reflect instrument/system status

Data integrity: IT System responsibility can increasingly come within the scope of an instrumentation engineer
• Ensuring systems are password protected and users have the appropriate privileges granted to them
• Configuring systems to meet end user needs while meeting strict security standards
• Prevention of file tampering and deletion
• Confirming that files have audit trail capability and traceability
• Perform instrument back-ups and restorations to ensure data is maintained over its lifecycle
• Assist in pulling data and reports during regulatory audits

System validation
• Implementation of change control record for equipment/system qualification e.g. new plate reader for QC Microbiology
• Coordinate installations with vendors
• Draft and review validation protocols
• Assist Validation team with IOQ testing
• Configure/test systems for electronic security features that ensure data integrity
• Provide appropriate privileges and train end users on system use
• Help to manage and troubleshoot system over course of its life cycle.


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